Thursday, 28 November 2013

Talking to the trees.

On Wednesday I held a public meeting at All Saints Highertown to discuss the Council's plans for 'highway improvements' related to the Taylor Wimpey development at Old Richard Lander School and the impact on the trees on A390 along the verge opposite Penwerris Road.

The meeting was somewhat derailed by someone campaigning in a by election for the City Council who claimed wrongly that they had saved the trees.  Nevertheless, more than 50 people turned up. Officers from Highways explained that they were working on a plan to try to replace the extension of the bus lane with a bus gate at the end of Treliske Lane which would allow buses to jump the queue.

They have been working with Taylor Wimpey on a redesign since August when residents first discovered men in yellow jackets eyeing up the trees.  The plan is still not done and they do not expect to go out to public consultation for, maybe , five or six months. It is not yet clear whether the plan is feasible and whether all the trees can be saved but they are doing their best to minimise any destruction.

They had a bit of a roasting by the public last night- as did those playing politics with trees.  Many people took the opportunity to air their frustrations with the new look Chiverton, Trafalgar Roundabout, 'priority junction' at the end of Newbridge Lane et al.

In all the melee I forgot to say that Woodleigh Grange is to be rebranded after Christmas.  The hot favourite is Penn an Dre (meaning Head of the Town) or possibly Parc Penwethers.

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