Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Secrecy over Leisure Centres' sudden closure

I have been asked about the sudden closure of the leisure centres in both Saltash and Liskeard.

To my amazement the Council has been economical with the truth about why the Saltash and Lux Park Centres were suddenly closed on Friday.   The Council writes press releases on all manner of things but none when its agent suddenly closes its leisure centres.

This is inexcusable.   It will have caused inconvenience to the public and shows a failure of organisation.  It also shows a failure of effective communications - the Mills Report told the Council to get its act together on this when it investigated the unscheduled closure of Newquay Airport by the former LibDem County Council.

The sorry state of many of our leisure centres is being hidden from the public.  This is wrong.   It is particularly surprising when the Council has set itself up to win the trust of the public- and it is consulting on what services the public 'want' cut.

I call on the Council to explain the sudden closures.

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