Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Swindon children

In response to Cllr Wallis' blog comments.

I asked a serious question about a matter that is within his remit and was referred to me as appearing on the home page of the Mirror website at the weekend.   He said that he did not know the answer and the dismissive manner of his reply made me believe that he did not care. Not until a tweet mentioned his blog yesterday evening did I know that he did make enquiries.   Cllr Wallis does not mention my later tweet when I said that the story goes way back.  So for the sake of completeness here it is.

So the correct answer to my original tweet is:   Yes Cllr Wallis will ask if there is any substance to a story in a national paper about other authorities sending their children to Cornwall and it is surely right that he has.   His original response could therefore have been less dismissive and we could have saved the time of the monitoring officer.

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