Monday, 11 November 2013

An Ivory Tower – in Bodmin

Cornwall Council is proposing to build a big new office block in Bodmin.   This was originally considered by the last Council in the context of a large deal with BT.  That proposal included a “centre of excellence” for procurement services which would be used by BT throughout the south of the UK.

The present leadership of the Council organised protests against that deal but now seem to think that the much smaller deal which I proposed is doing “rather well” – in their own words.

When we enquired about whether an opportunity would be taken to extend the scope of the BT deal, there seemed to be a limited appetite and certainly no momentum behind doing so.

So what you would not expect in those circumstances would be a proposal to build a big office block in Bodmin speculatively hoping that BT will wish to share it.

LibDems generally voted against the 'big' BT deal in the last administration and yet they still long for the ivory tower (estimated cost £15m) that might have gone with it.

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