Monday, 30 March 2015

Open Space next to 42 Carrine Road: Deadline 6th April

The Applicant has appealed to the Planning Inspectorate against refusal of planning permission for a three bedroom house on open space next to 42 Carrine Road. I think that I have been in touch with everybody who contacted me about this but if anyone else would like to make representations to the Planning Inspectorate they need to do so by 6th April.

Please let me know if help is needed (07731 548 139)

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Case For Cornwall

I understand that the "Case for Cornwall" was sent by Cornwall Council to all the political parties on Friday. As below

Case for Cornwall

The Independent/Liberal Democrat administration say it will be published to Cornwall today. I have a copy because I sat on the cross party working group appointed by the Council. We were not allowed to delete any new powers which the Council was requesting and my efforts to have public consultation on the content of the document have been ignored.

The administration believe that it is more important to ask for powers now than to have the public's backing.

For example, it believes a public referendum should no longer be necessary for 'excessive rises' in council tax (see page 29).

If Cornwall had been asked would it agree? Is this really what the public expected to emerge from a 'fairer funding' campaign?

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Council Bonuses

The current Independent/Liberal Democrat administration intends to set criteria by April next year for council officers to 'earn' bonuses. The first bonuses would be paid in 2017 by reference to officers' performance in 2016.
I have said on many occasions that I do not see how the Council can justify slashing services and many jobs while at the same time paying bonuses to council officers.

So, although I attended a briefing earlier this week for members of the Performance Development and Remuneration Committee for senior officers, I have decided not to take part in it.

The remainder of the Committee is composed of Liberal Democrats and Independents and they will employ an external consultant as chairman.