Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Cutting services or cutting costs?

Cornwall Council has voted for its budget with a 1.97% rise in Council tax and cuts to many services.

I voted against. I think this administration does not have the will power to take tough decisions.

They talk the talk that they need to save masses of money but they do not walk the walk. The longer it takes them to take tough decisions on the cost of the Council's management structure and its surplus assets, the less money there will be to spend on services for the people of Cornwall.

I could not support the Budget because it involves cuts to services but does not look to further reduce the Council's own costs in a serious way.

As was perfectly clear from the Budget debate, members of the controlling groups would not generally back this approach if we had joined their administration.

I fear that the Council is in severe danger of becoming a self serving institution rather than one that serves the public.

Much consultation was done with the public on the proposed budget cuts but derisory notice was taken of the results. Indeed the leader says they have failed to convince people of the severity of the financial situation facing the Council. This budget suggests that they have failed to convince themselves.

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