Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Why is INOX application receiving particular scrutiny now?

There is much that can and will be said on each of the (other) three applications for supermarkets etc on the A390 west of Truro.

It now looks as if the other applications (two of which have been appealed for non determination by the applicants) will be considered by the inspector next August.  Also, the Strategic Planning Committee will consider duplicate applications from the same developers, probably on 12th March, together with the INOX application for West Langarth.

But why look now at the INOX application in particular? Three reasons:-

1. The intervention of INOX caused decisions on the other three applications to be delayed and put the Council at risk of paying the developers' costs for failing to make decisions on them;

2. INOX is campaigning not only for its application to succeed but for all the other three to be turned down. In fact, it says its cannot succeed unless all the others are turned down; and

3. INOX says it can deliver the Stadium for Cornwall, a long held dream of many in Cornwall. It is only sensible to ask if the offer is legally robust and economically viable.

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