Thursday, 11 December 2014

Duty of Kerr: what is holding up the independent review on Cllr Folkes resignation?

On 25th November the Leader told Full Council that the decisions relating to Cllr Folkes were correct and would not be changed but the Council would consider if lessons could be learned. On 28th November I understood that there would be an independent review. The  Leader repeated this on Radio Cornwall on Monday.

But the review is still not underway. In the meantime Nick Clegg on his trip to Cornwall last week, has weighed in on Cllr Folkes' behalf, according to yesterday's Cornish Guardian. 

In the edition of Private Eye just out Andrew Kerr, the Council's Chief Executive, is criticised in 'Rotten Boroughs' for Cllr Folkes' treatment.

None of this is good for the reputation of the Council.

If all the decisions had been made by 25th November. (and probably earlier, as the Council was writing to clubs about Cllr Folkes on 18th November) why is the Council not able to get on with an independent review.

 I wonder whether it is possible that the check that threw up information that was not acted on in 2009/10 would have been made at all had Cllr Folkes been elected for the first time in 2013.

 I still do not know what is the Council's current DBS/CRB checking process.

Cornwall Council must act to protect children and individuals fairly and within the law.  Not only must the Council act in that way but it must also demonstrate it.

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  1. Given the high profile of this issue and the senior positions of the councillor and officers involved, I am surprised the Council has not set up a small panel of experienced councillors to oversee the review process. Nothing has been reported about terms of reference, who will undertake the review or timescales. Although this is a very sensitive issue this form of oversight would provide confidence that the process is not just being led and controlled by officers. Is it too late to ask for this?