Thursday, 11 December 2014

Higher Newham; Forever Green?

This 'Living Village' application goes to Strategic Planning on 18th December. It has been sold to the public on the basis that much of the land will remain green in perpetuity.

If they are minded to approve it (despite the ghastly access onto Morlaix Avenue) I hope the Committee will satisfy themselves that the structure to ensure this is legally robust.

It is easy for a development to start out looking green and then to be redesigned or infilled later - the problem of creeping density.

One particular issue arises with the large swathes of green land to be let to the charitable trust. It is proposed that the freehold of this land will remain with the developer.  I have questioned whether this land would be better safeguarded in perpetuity if the freehold were transferred to Truro City Council.  It has an interest in safeguarding the land.   With the best will in the world the developers, in the long term, may not.

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