Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Reply to Rob Saltmarsh, Managing Director , INOX Group

Dear Mr Saltmarsh,

Thank you for your (open) letter of 3 March.

As I think you must know, I am urging the Council to exercise option 1 (over the stadium site) to safeguard it for the stadium or public open space.  I believe that this should be done by 9 April.

I am very conscious that if the Council does not exercise Option 1, there must be every possibility that a further application for housing and/or retail on that site will result.

Five years passes remarkably quickly, particularly in a recession. INOX's surrounding  development will be by no means finished in that period. So if you are agreeable to that period being extended, as your letter implies, that would be very welcome and may be essential in putting the site to the best use for sporting purposes. You say that this is your wish but, of course, the Council must bear in mind that it is dealing with INOX rather than you in a personal capacity. So I hope that you will arrange for an agreed extension to be appropriately documented now.

I mentioned another possible stadium site because I had heard that one was being planned by another developer in a different location.

I believed that it was agreed when INOX's  related application for 1500 houses at Langarth was decided that it was an essential prerequisite that the Council had control over the speed of delivery of the Northern Access Road to the Royal Cornwall Hospital. I hope that INOX will ensure that is the case in order to minimise congestion on the western side of Truro.

With reference to your new proposed planning application, you will appreciate that will need to be assessed initially by officers of the Council.

Yours sincerely,

Fiona Ferguson

cc. Cllr Cole
      Cllr Burden
      Cllr Moyle
     Cllr McWilliam
     Cllr Pollard
     Cllr Rowe
     Mr. Laurence Reed
     Mr Miles Davis

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