Monday, 3 March 2014

Military uses of Newquay airport

I have been in touch with Sarah Newton MP to explore if the RAF (or other branches of the military) can be persuaded to look at using Newquay airport.  The long term survival of the airport will only be achieved  by maximising its use.

Even if Newquay is immune for some years at least from the adverse impact of the new EU Directive on state aid for airports, as the Council believes,  looking for subsidies and handouts is not a sustainable long term business plan.

Also, the Enterprise Zone is for aero activities so it is crucial to its success that the airport continues to operate and people believe that will continue.

 I am pleased that Sarah will be raising a question in Parliament later this week  as part of our pressure on the Ministry of Defence to use Newquay's  facilities.

She will be asking the Secretary of State for Defence for an update on the planned uses of Newquay airport by the military.

A workable solution to MOD requirements alongside a regional airport seems to make good sense as there are fixed costs which remain the same irrespective of how many people use it.

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