I was pleased to talk to Rob Saltmarsh of INOX and Laurence Reed about the Stadium for Cornwall.  Thank you to everybody who phoned in with their views, including Peter Masters, Chairman of Truro City Football Club.
Mr Saltmarsh agreed that INOX would formally extend the deadlines for the Council making a decision over the Stadium site.  This is a worthwhile result for a start and I am grateful. 
On the basis of the advice previously given to councillors when the planning decision was made in May 2012, the Council's decision ought to be straightforward.   The Council should exercise the option for the 'Blue Land', which is the stadium site.   Then that may be used for a stadium or playing pitches as the Council decides. 
The Council has a choice between the Blue Land and the E5 land (an adjacent site which is not as big).  The E5 land was only included in the Section 106 agreement because officers advised that there needed to be a piece of land made available within the development boundary of the planning application: the Blue Land is not.  It makes no sense to take £330,000 instead. 
I said that the other possible site of which I was aware for a stadium is at Fraddon (at the top of 'Hamburger Hill').  That is expected to be a mixed use application for a supermarket, retail and a stadium.  I really do not know whether that site will come forward. 
The stadium is a very emotional subject ,which is entirely understandable.  However, I think that most people generally accept that in the current economic climate it is not realistic to expect the Council to fund the build. 
As a councillor representing the west side of Truro I hope that I may be forgiven for doubting whether the A390 could cope with stadium traffic.  But I am sure no one wants the stadium site to go for more housing and retail.  So, I most certainly want to secure the stadium site for a stadium or playing pitches. 
I intend to pursue this matter with the Council.