Thursday, 20 November 2014

Latest: Councillor Folkes' resignation

The events surrounding Councillor Folkes' resignation have taken a bizarre turn this afternoon.

The Leader of Cornwall Council gave the clear impression that Councillor Folkes' departure was a purely personal matter and not related to the Council.

He refused to comment further. However, on further questioning on Tuesday, he finally wrote to me and said :

" I have been advised that I am unable to provide any details about the matter at this time, however I have instructed the Chief Executive to ensure that any matters arising out of his resignation are fully investigated and addressed as quickly as possible".

On the same day his director for education , health and social care was saying in a "Strictly Confidential" letter to un-named individuals that Councillor Folkes should not "have any access to children or young persons".

Whatever Councillor Folkes may or may not have done is not something I can comment on; nor would I wish to until such time as any formal enquires are complete.

But serious questions need to be asked about the management of this matter by the Leader and his administration.

To give the impression that a resignation is not related to the Council when it emerges that it is and then to admit that Councillor Folkes was ordered to resign looks like a cover up.

Those now charged with conducting the proper investigation into this sorry mess will eventually have to explain themselves and their conduct.


  1. As a council taxpayer I was rather more than astonished to learn Mr Folkes managed to get himself appointed to the powerful position of Cab Member Finance after he had repeatedly failed to pay his own council tax. He has now been forced to resign at short notice in strange circumstances.
    This brings into question the whole procedure around appointment of cabinet positions. How can such an unsuitable man get himself put in charge of taxpayer's funds?
    Suggest this is a subject worthy of thorough investigation. Who appointed him, and more importantly WHY?

  2. Under the Constitution the Leader appoints Cabinet members. However, I understand that the deal between the Independents and the Liberal Democrats was that each group chose its own Cabinet members.