Friday, 21 November 2014

Councillor Folkes: An independent Enquiry is needed

As I made clear in my blog yesterday, I am not in a position (and it would be entirely inappropriate for me) to reach a conclusion about any allegations against Cllr Folkes which led to his resignation.  My difficulty is with the extraordinary manner in which the Council has handled this matter.

To establish the truth, I am calling for an independent enquiry into the circumstances surrounding this matter and in particular:

1. To establish what circumstances caused the Council to become concerned about Cllr Folkes which led to his resignation;
2. Who knew (or thought they knew) what and when;
3. What action was taken by whom; and
4. Was that action appropriate in the context of the Council's duties and its obligation to treat Cllr Folkes fairly.

The actions, or non-actions of those at the most senior level in Cornwall Council need to be examined.  That can only be properly accomplished by an impartial independent enquiry.

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