Friday, 7 November 2014

James Mustoe wins in Mevagissey

Congratulations to James Mustoe winning the Cornwall Council seat of Mevagissey last night.  A hard fought campaign  but a great result.

I look forward to welcoming James to the council and working with him as he represents his division.

 We made a start last night when James, Steve Double and I attended the meeting held in Gorran by the Parish Council to discuss what to do in the light of Cornwall Council's decision to withdraw its grant to keep open the public toilets from April 2015. 

Full results

James Michael Mustoe    Conservative           348         
 Michael Williams    UK Independence Party  281         
 Charmain Nicholas          Labour                   204          
 Christopher Maynard      Liberal Democrat   197         
 Katherine Moseley            Green Party          50              


  1. Launceston pay for their own toilets, why should we pay for theirs also, Mevagissey should pay for their own

  2. Gorran Parish Council are doing their best to find the funds to pay for their public toilets. It is more difficult for small parishes like Gorran. I have to question how the Council can decide to open new offices while closing public toilets in circumstances described by the Chief Financial Officer as not the best option. Only the Conservatives have challenged this decision.