Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Carn Brea Leisure Centre - the Council weave a tangled web

On 27th November 2013, when deciding to renegotiate with the Leisure Trust at Carn Brea to allow the sale of the running track and the use of most of the proceeds to refurbish the Leisure Centre, the Cabinet said:

'At present, the Leisure Centre faces an uncertain future, with rising maintenance costs and limited financial resources. If this situation continues, [Carn Brea Leisure Trust] has stated that the future operation of the Leisure Centre (and running track) could be at risk.'

The Council's deal to sell the running track cratered recently when Asda pulled out. But in briefing the Finance and Resources Portfolio Advisory Committee on the abortive deal yesterday, Alex Folkes, Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources, was at pains to say that there was no threat to the Leisure Centre.

So does he know better than the Trust which runs the Centre (although he never said so at Cabinet last November). Or, more likely, is he just tangled up in his own spin?

As part of its Budget proposals, the Cabinet no longer wishes to fund Leisure Centres that it is currently responsible for, never mind help those such as Carn Brea,which it does not.

Would honesty about the future of the Leisure Centre not be the best policy?

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