Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Sale of Penwith District Council Offices but what about parking for Leisure Centre and Penzance Hockey Club?

The Cabinet have a plan (inherited from the previous administration) to sell the old Penwith District Council offices largely for housing with a strong affordable element.

 The Portfolio Holder reported to the Finance and Resources Portfolio Advisory Committee yesterday how they were getting on. They said they had consulted the Penzance Hockey Club on the sale. In future the Club will be surrounded by new housing.

However, they failed to report what the Club thought. Indeed, one might have formed the impression that the Club was happy with all aspects of the proposal. Not so. The Club, which also takes party bookings to gather income to help it finance itself, wants it to be clear that hockey (and parties) create noise (and, in the case of hockey, flood lighting). A developer (and future residents of the new housing) would need to accept these to avoid endangering the future of the Club.

But the Club's main concern is to ensure the continued availability of nearby parking for itself and the Penzance Leisure Centre. These facilities, for tournaments and galas, are a magnet for young people from all over Cornwall. It is disappointing to find that this issue has not really been gripped by the Portfolio holder.

Let us hope it is now.

The local councillor, Jim McKenna, says he is on the case.

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