Monday, 29 September 2014

More jobs for the boys?

Spurred on by the Scottish Referendum, many local politicians have thrown themselves into a frenzy of campaigning for more powers and even a whole new tier of local government.

There are more than 400 councillors in Devon, in contrast to 123 in Cornwall, but many are, quite rightly, questioning the cost of democracy. The last thing Cornwall needs is another reorganisation of local government.

The most important attribute of (local) politicians should be competence. If we think there are particular new powers we need in Cornwall then let's ask for them. But let's us not create new tiers of Government.

This year has seen the Council campaign for more power over health spending in Cornwall, while at the same time running up an overrun of millions of pounds on spending on adult social care due to what they admit was poor management.

 The best way of making the case for new powers in Cornwall, locally and nationally, is competently using those powers we already have.   Would creating another layer of expensive politicians improve that?

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