Monday, 14 July 2014

Follow up on questions raised at Dudman meeting

   Overall, please note that officers have not yet reached a view on whether or not they would recommend this application for approval. Subject to this:

1.    Allotments

      If allotments were to be provided then they would be made available to interested persons via a waiting list.  This is an outline application and there are no details on how many car parking spaces would be available for allotment holders. This would be addressed at reserved matter stage.

2.    Sewage

     If permission were to be granted it would need to be subject of similar restriction to that imposed on the Langarth application. i.e:      No phase of development permitted to commence until a scheme for the disposal of sewage and foul drainage for that phase has been approved, and no phase of the development to be occupied or otherwise brought into use until improvement works to the public sewerage system downstream of the site, as necessary to accommodate sewage to be discharged from that phase of the development, have been completed.

3.     Primary School

     The Lowen Bre (Persimmon) site remains an option open to the Council for the provision of a new school.  However, it is just the land that has been made available. Since other proposed developments include land and money for providing a new school, if those developments are built out then it may be unlikely that a school will be provided at Lowen Bre.  

4.   The lack of hospital capacity is not a grounds for refusal.

5.    Taylor Wimpey has altered their plan for the adjacent site although the changes are minor.  A full application has been submitted for the whole scheme under the "free go" rules, but the differences between the approved scheme and that now proposed are not considered to be significant.  

6.   The Southern Relief Road is identified in the Truro Transport Strategy (TTS) and the proposed development at Dudman Farm would compromise this part of the Strategy.  Whilst this is not desirable the TTS is not a statutory planning document and as such it carries only limited weight.  

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