Sunday, 13 July 2014

Commuter Parking: no easy answers

I have just spent several days canvassing on whether residents of Hendra and Kenwyn would support a residents' permit scheme. With help from Council officers we at least will get a better picture of residents' views when the surveys are returned.

On the doorstep, as I expected, views were very mixed.  Some people are delighted with the thought that there might be the prospect of solving the issue of being under seige in their own homes for £25 per year.

Others are horrified by the prospect of having their lives subject to more regulation and more expense.  And just to reassure those who are opposed to more expense I should add that I have personally paid for the paperwork to gain residents views and I will not claim it back from the council.

After the summer I will report back on the outcome of the survey. As I said on the doorstop, despite remarks made on Twitter by the Cabinet Member for Finance, it is not at all clear that anything will be done, even if there is public support.

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