Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Cardboard voting

The feed back I have had about the cardboard voting booths seems to be pretty conclusive.


At least one polling station has reported 100% dissatisfaction rating with the cardboard by the polling invigilators.      The most common complaints were lack of privacy, flimsy construction and unsuitability for some older voters or anyone who might lean accidentally on the booth.

No consideration had been given the large size of the ballot papers and the small writing area.  It wasn’t possible to see the whole of the ballot paper at one time.

Many couples arrive at the polling station together and the cardboard dividers do not provide sufficient privacy to guarantee a secret ballot.    This is a fundamental requirement that was not met.

We all understand the need to save money but the importance of the occasion when everyone has the right to say how the country is governed should be an occasion of some dignity.    These cardboard constructions do not fit the bill.

These contraptions should be recycled and then rethought.

Lightweight rubbish to be recycled and Cllr Folkes

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