Thursday, 13 February 2014

Thanks to John Pollard and all our staff

To: Cllr John Pollard, Leader Cornwall Council.
cc: Cllr John Wood, Chairman Cornwall Council

Dear John,

Whilst we have a slight respite in the weather I would like to thank you and via John Wood all our staff for their outstanding work during the appalling weather that has caused so much suffering.

I am also grateful for the lead you have taken in making the case to the Prime Minister David Cameron and other government ministers not just for funding for storm and flood damage but also more generally for the good of Cornwall. This is something that we all need to pursue and I will also continue to work towards those same goals.

The list of damage across Cornwall  illustrates the vulnerability of our coastal communities and our dependency on the transport links to the rest of the country.   The funding from the government for the rail links and consideration of alternative routes is to be welcomed as is the recognition that the funding formula for flooding has discriminated against us.   In whatever form I can I will also press our case at the highest levels.

Lastly we should not forget the people of Cornwall in their various communities who have shown us the spirit and determination that should inspire us all.


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