Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Cornwall Council's Budget with cuts to services and 1.97% rise in council tax was approved yesterday. The Conservative group did not support it.   

We believe that efficiencies should  come before cuts to services.   It is inevitable that some cuts will need to be made but the emphasis of the presented budget was wrong.

However, we hope that the new Chief Executive will minimise the impact of any cuts by making considerable efforts to make efficiencies first.
We cannot stand shoulder to shoulder with an administration which will make cuts to libraries, public toilets , bus services to name a few  (and with more to come) and at the same time sign a deal for a new Council office in Bodmin.

This deal which, according to.Cllr.Folkes, he signed, sealed and delivered on  20th February, will  cost £15m. It is designed to provide accommodation for 675 people (although we don' t know who) and it will sit in four and a half acres with 219 (free?) car parking spaces.  

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