Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Life under siege in Truro

I am delighted that Cllr Bert Biscoe is now going to grip the problem of commuter parking in Truro. I am regularly contacted by local residents who complain about living under siege conditions, unable to go out during the day without losing the ability to park again somewhere near their home to unload small children, shopping etc. Many work at home and losing the ability to return to their homes impacts on their livelihoods as well as their families. Elderly residents feel particularly vulnerable.

He is right that residents' parking schemes help some but can cause problems somewhere else. He is wrong, however, if he thinks that appealing to people's good nature will solve the problem. I think that residents need to be offered a parking scheme if there is local support for it. I do not see any alternative.

Cornwall Council must take a lead to sort out the siege that residents live under and also provide solutions for commuters and visitors to local clubs and other community venues. I am calling a public meeting to enable people to air their views and I very much hope that Bert Biscoe will attend.

What I am sure of is that whilst public transport is important it alone will not solve all our problems.

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