Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Housing number consenus

I'm delighted that Sarah Newton MP managed to secure support from the Planning Minister, Nick Boles, in a debate in Westminster Hall today for the approach our group has taken in promoting a lower housing number for Cornwall in the new Local Plan (33,000).

It seems clear that the proposal to build 47,500 (or 42,250) will not work to deal with true housing need in Cornwall.

Andrew George MP has also made the same sort of argument for lower numbers. For instance on 13th December he said, "It may sound counter intuitive, but the best way of meeting local housing need and to build homes which are generally affordable to local people on local earnings is to choose a low housing development figure, to stop housing development but then to permit some development where it meets a local need."

It does look as if there is the beginning of a consensus approach, at least amongst our MPs.

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