Monday, 22 May 2017

Vote Independent, get Lib Dem?

 'Independent' councillors at Cornwall Council have three choices if they want to be independent. They can join:

1. No administration and vote on each issue as they think fit;

2. The administration of the largest group, on the basis that it has the most councillors and so should produce a stable administration for Cornwall; or

3. A 'rainbow' coalition to reflect the views of as many voters as possible.

Instead it appears that they are doing a deal to create a coalition of losers with the Lib Dems.

I cannot say that I am surprised.

In week 1 of negotiations they fielded a team that excluded key Independent members.  Do I think Andrew Mitchell, the Leader of the Independent Group, was ever going to allow his future to be determined by councillors who had only just been elected? They also briefed that they thought Cllr John Keeling (the Conservative Group Leader) was not up to leading the Council due to health issues.

In week 2, after Cllr Keeling had been replaced at the Group's AGM by Cllr Seeva, they said they could not work with the Conservatives as they did not trust them.  This suggested a touching concern for 'Tories' not previously seen and frankly incredible from (former Lib Dem) Cllr Andrew Mitchell and (current Lib Dem Leader), Cllr Paynter.

There is still time for Independents to be independent. I hope they are.

My fear is that they will put up their hands for another Indy/Lib Dem coalition.  So more more vanity projects like the EU Culture Bid. It seems that if you vote Independent,  you will get Lib Dem.

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