Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Can Cornwall Council make the Pandora more perfect?

Yesterday my hubby and I were out walking our dog and had a drink at the Pandora.

A man from West Country Rivers Trust asked if we would participate in a survey they were doing for Cornwall Council. It would take 5 or 10 minutes.

So we did. Obviously, I appreciate that this man is just doing his job but I am bound to ask the Council what is going on.

The questions meandered around issues such as why did we come to the Pandora , what did we do when we got there, what time of day did we tend to come and what would make it nicer for us. Frankly, I think it is pretty idyllic as it is and alarm bells rang at the idea of the Council stepping in.

 Would we like better footpaths or, perhaps, more dog bins, he asked?

I explained that I had been a Cornwall Councillor for 8 years. The way to get dog bins under the last administration was by looking in existing dog bins and if not much poo, councillors might apply to have them moved to another place more in need. This saved the cost of a dog bin and £150 a year to empty it.

This survey must be a hang over from the previous Indy/ Lib Dem administration as we do not yet have a new one. I am struggling to connect it with reality. I think we need new people at the top in charge of dog bins (and a lot else).

It is clear today that we are not about to get it.

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