Sunday, 9 April 2017

Why is Cabinet spending over £200k NOT to communicate?

In 2015 Cornwall Council gave far too many planning permissions for Truro each with large slabs of retail development. Now none of them appear viable. That was pretty clear at the time.

Other schemes such as Langarth at Threemilestone promised 1500 houses but has built none.

Many people are understandably very concerned about the effect on the A390 and the inadequacy of other infrastructure.

If the Indy/Lib Dem administration at County Hall wants to pay money to INOX for some of its land at Threemilestone in order to 'help' development commence it needs to answer these questions:

1. Has the Council got the expertise to judge whether it is buying land at the right price (I must say it would stick in the throat for the Council to use public money to dig a property speculator out of a hole)?

2. What is the plan for the Stadium for Cornwall? 

3. How can the Stadium site be secured as it is owned by INOX, mortgaged and the Council is only entitled to acquire it as public open space?

4. Is the Council going to take control so that INOX cannot control the speed at which the Northern Access road to the hospital is built?

But the biggest question of all is why is all this being progressed without scrutiny behind closed doors just before the local elections? The Indy/Lib Dem administration is spending £200,000 plus on a Head of Communications and Head of PR. But their main objective seems to be not to communicate.

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