Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Council throws your money at property speculators

The Council granted several massive planning permissions to developers in respect of the Threemilesone area between 2013 and 2015.

It now looks (as I said at the time) as if those applications are not viable. So the Council proposes to spend your money paying off the speculators and building out the developments itself. 

Nowhere near enough information was presented to councillors (mainly in closed session) at the meeting today of the Housing Portfolio Advisory Committee to make the case for spending anything on this project. There are too many obvious but unanswered questions.

If the Council believes that Cornwall is at risk of unwanted development because it is under delivering on its Local Plan then what we can say is that this is the most unlikely solution to it.

There is a real risk that the development at West Langarth will go ahead with your money and with nothing for the Stadium for Cornwall.

The only crumb of comfort today was that the Head of Planning said that the Council would not let the developers of Treyew Road off the hook. Their retail permission depends on the provision of an alternative ground for TCFC. This is another developer who talked a good game and has produced nothing. That ground better be in Truro.

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