Tuesday, 19 May 2015

BT: Council Heroes

On 16th September 2014, just before his shock resignation, Cllr Folkes, Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources, announced, with great fanfare, 100 BT jobs for the Council's new offices in Bodmin.

Since the general election he and his (now former) Cabinet colleagues have said the jobs are not there and they were dubious for a considerable time as to whether this deal would succeed.

BT have gone from hero to zero in 8 months.

I have to ask:
1. Were the Cabinet being straight with the public last September?
2. If so, did they ever have the management of the BT contract under control?
3. If things are so bad and the IT upgrade is complete (this is a job that the Council said it could not do itself) why do they not consider termination of the BT contract? If they are going to wipe the floor with BT, how easy will it be to continue to work with them?
4. If they did terminate the contract, would the Council try and do a joint deal with the health bodies in Cornwall to deal with all their IT. That was the original idea which the Council was unable to achieve. Do our health colleagues regard the Council as so unstable as to be an unsuitable partner?

I do not suppose Health would admit this but the reality is that the future is bleak if the Council cannot even work with them on basic IT provision.

Not the best story on the day the Council announce that their Case for more powers goes out to public consultation?

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