Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Case for Cornwall: Questions

The public are being consulted on a devolution of powers to Cornwall

A short guide to some of the difficult issues in the 'Case for Cornwall':

The Council seek more power to raise Council tax without any public referendum imposed by central government. The referendum cap has led the Council to 'manage on' 2% rises or less for the last 5 years. In 2002-2009 rises ranged between 5 and nearly 10 per cent per year.

Council is looking for a single public sector budget for Cornwall. Will this expose Cornwall to risk that we cannot fund? Do we want the protection of a National Health Service or to fend for ourselves. The health budget in Cornwall dwarfs the Council's budget.

The Council propose the possibility of planning permission for conversion of houses to second homes. This would create a two tier property market in Cornwall.

If the Council controls the electricity grid (as proposed) there is likely to be more large scale wind and solar as the Council benefits from their business rates.

More power is sought for compulsory purchase powers for the Council to acquire land 'at no development land value' to build more housing.

A number of quangos are proposed to preside over all of this. Who will really be in charge?

Will the Council get more money for the extra administrative costs of dealing with more powers?

Are we satisfied that the Council is up to the job of taking on these extra powers within its existing resources?


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