Monday, 2 June 2014

Stadium Statement

For the sake of clarity I am happy to restate the  Conservative Group position on a Cornish stadium.

On every occasion when it has been discussed the group have said that they supported a Stadium for Cornwall funded by the private sector.  The position of the group has not changed.   We have previously expressed concern about a shortage of public funds and subsequent events have shown that we were right to do so.


  1. If the Conservative group as a whole support a Stadium for Cornwall then no-one in it can condone the comments (recorded in the minutes of a recent Kenwyn parish council meeting 9/4/14) by Mr Dyer with regards "killing off the Stadium plans"?

    A straight yes or no will suffice.

    I'm not holding my breath and neither is the significant consensus in the Duchy - and further afield - that are intent on getting the Stadium built. Extracting blood from granite is more achievable it would seem!