Monday, 14 April 2014

Spare bedrooms

The so called 'tax' on spare bedrooms has proved one of the most controversial of the Government 's welfare reforms.

 But we should not attempt to reject out of hand any measures which will help address the problems of people living in overcrowded accommodation (3580 households in Cornwall).

Clearly, difficult issues may arise where properties have been substantially adapted for the needs of disabled residents or there is no available accommodation nearby to downsize.  However, these issues are better managed in Cornwall rather than by a request for blanket exemptions from Westminster.

The whole initiative has been hijacked by party politics. The Labour Party have campaigned against it although they never reversed the similar tax that applies to private rented property.

Bizarrely though, Cornwall Council did not apply for extra Government money to help deal with hard cases. 86 councils did and 85 of those received extra help.

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