Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Option over Stadium site exercised at the last minute but what next?

With a day or so to go the Council at last makes up its mind and exercises the option over the Stadium site.

So what happens next?

1.  The E5 land is released from the option. So we can expect, I would suggest, another planning application for an alternative use in short order. Another supermarket? The race is on with numerous other applications already in for the west of Truro.

2. The Blue Land will be transferred to the Council before the 101st dwelling is occupied on INOX's original site (for 1500 houses).  Perhaps INOX will estimate when that might be? At that stage the Council also get the money to lay out the Blue Land as playing fields.

3. If within 5 years of  the date of the transfer the Blue Land is not laid out as playing fields it has to be transferred back to INOX and partners for £1.

All other possibilities are entirely in the control of INOX and partners. Access to the Blue Land could be a bit of an issue as it is an island site. But perhaps the Council can break through from the park and ride.

And INOX are talking about putting in another planning application for West Langarth.........

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