Monday, 27 February 2017

Bristol ditch European Culture bid

In June 2016 the Mayor of Bristol (Labour controlled) said;

 "Bristol has a tremendous wealth of talent and creativity that deserves to be showcased to the world.

"I want culture – and sport – to be accessible to everyone, not just those who can afford it. I want culture to reach out and overcome Bristol's social and economic divides.

"With this in mind, I am proud to announce my ambition to lead a bid for Bristol to become the European Capital of Culture [2023]."


 On Friday 24th February 2017 :

Mayor Rees said: "We can't afford [Capital of Culture] now, because there's no guarantee we'd get it.

"They [EU officials] invited us to bid, but when you look at the cost of doing so compared to the fact that we're not really in [the EU] and there's no guarantee we'd win it, our judgement is – at a time when we're facing horrific budget decisions – it wouldn't be a wise way to spend the money."

He said: "The bid for Capital of Culture is impacted by Brexit and spending that much money for a bid, with a risk of achieving nothing, is not a good decision.

"We are instead concentrating our efforts on working with the city's cultural providers to enhance Bristol's cultural offer."


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