Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Truro -Cornwall :European Union Capital of Culture 2023?

Should 'no money' Council really spend over £500,000 bidding to be EU Capital of Culture 2023?

The Independent /Lib Dem administration propose to spend more than £500,000 bidding to become the European Union's Capital of Culture in 2023.

I campaigned for Remain. The Council sat on the fence. We all know and accept the result.

1. Does applying for an EU accolade sit very comfortably just right now with a strong vote for Leave in Cornwall?   The other contestant cities either voted decisively  Remain  (Dundee ) or narrowly Leave or Remain. 

2. Although at this moment the UK has been appointed host country for the competition for 2023 this may be affected by our decision to leave. The Government acknowledge this. It is hard to believe that when the rubber hits the road on the negotiations with the EU that confirming the UK's right to host this event in 2023 will be a priority. (It has been occasionally been hosted by Norway and other non members before but only by countries considered on their way in, not out).

3. Other cities like Dundee have been working on their bids for years apparently. We are now proposing to throw money at the project to get a bid done quickly. Why take this risk?

4. Truro- Cornwall is not a natural fit with the competition. As the Council acknowledges the bid is aimed at cities, not regions.

5. Will people consider this Trurocentric?

6. £500,000 is an awful lot of money for such an uncertain bid.

7. This is only the tip of the iceberg. The bid involves more spending of up to £25,000,000.

8. At this stage the Council's supporting partners are only contributing their expertise.

9. If this was such a good idea why is the Council up to 2 years behind the other contestants.

10. Are we really comfortable with the Council's estimate of the positive economic impact if the bid is successful?

Overall, why not spend any money available on actual projects, not bidding for titles?

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