Friday, 8 July 2016

Can Leadsom lead?

My many doubts about Andrea Leadsom:
1. Her lack of experience in Government, particularly at a time of great uncertainty and challenge. It is one thing to suddenly become the Leader of the Opposition; quite another to immediately become PM.
2. She has limited support from MPs. We need a candidate who can unite the party and the country, Leavers and Remainers.
3. She has spent 20+ years in the City of London but is happy to front a campaign which has ignored and belittled the advice of the independent Governor of the Bank of England. Astonishing.
4. She has spent 20+ years in the City of London but she does not appreciate the importance of confidence, market certainty, passporting rights and influence over financial regulation to the financial services industry, which is one of our most important exports.  Incredible.
5. She has so far failed to answer the questions raised by Pascal Lamy, the former head of the World Trade Organisation, about her strategy in negotiating new trade deals. This is a key part of the way forward.
6. She has led us down a path with no fair warning as to the great challenges we will face. As an MP her job is safe for now.  Others are not.

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