Thursday, 2 July 2015

Bespoke services for Cornwall

Having  a bespoke flood authority for Cornwall, a body which deals with Cornish heritage (not English Heritage) and so on sounds absolutely great.

But, bespoke generally costs more.  We all know that money is tight. It seems unlikely that the Government will want to provide us with additional funds to create bespoke services.

We may get more money to deal with flooding, an issue that was highlighted in the Conservative Manifesto but do we want to spend it on what, at least in some respects, would be a rebranding exercise?

The Council now seems to have woken up to this and is asking for additional monies to run these new Kernow services.  But going forward the Council would take on new risks from these new responsibilities. I am not convinced that the Council has established a good enough reason to do this.

It is a bit ironic that the Council's ask on Heritage involved them taking over the Cornwall and West Devon World Heritage Site. So no worries there then on  Devonwall.

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