Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Conservatives continue to push for NO council tax rise for third year

Conservatives on Cornwall Council reiterated
their aim, at a meeting on Friday, that it is a
priority to push for a zero change in the
Cornwall Council part of the Council tax for a third consecutive year.

Conservative Group Leader Fiona Ferguson
explained, "It is becoming more and more
difficult to achieve no increase in Council tax
but we also know how difficult the financial
situation is for many people in Cornwall and we
will continue to try to reach this goal.

"I have taken over the Finance Portfolio from the
new leader, Cllr Currie. I take my hat off to him
for the work achieved to date in saving £170m
from the Council Budget. I know he is sceptical
that a zero rise can be achieved but I am
determined to work towards this goal."

The meeting also pressed for the increase of an
emergency fund to help those who find themselves
in difficulty as government changes to the
welfare system take place. They also promised to
feed back any experiences from Cornwall so that
the government is fully aware of issues faced in Cornwall.

The budget proposals will face a week of scrutiny
by Cornwall council members starting on the 21st
January leading to an extraordinary meeting of
the full council on 26th February to set the
council tax figures for the next year.

Contact: Fiona Ferguson 07731 548139

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